Basketball - Boys

Girls and Boys basketball tryouts will start today (November 4, November 5th, and 6th starting at (Girls @ 3:45-5:15) (Boys start at 5:15). YOU MUST BE AT TRYOUTS EVERYDAY, AND YOUR RIDE MUST BE ON TIME. Please wear shorts, tennis shoes and a shirt.

Click Below for a printable game and practice schedule
Basketball practice and game schedule.pdf

Head Coach:  Michael Martin
Athletic Director:  Vanessa Hardin

School Phone:  864-206-6829

Division II-Schedule
High Point Campobello Pacolet Blacksburg EP Todd Jonesville Landrum
Dec. 2 Bye Pacolet @Campobello @Jonesville @Landrum Blacksburg EP Todd
Dec. 5 @Jonesville @EP Todd Bye Landrum Campobello High Point @Blacksburg
Dec. 9 Landrum Bye @Jonesville EP Todd @Blacksburg Pacolet @High Point
Dec. 12 @EP Todd Jonesville Landrum Bye High Point @Campobello @Pacolet
Dec. 16 Blacksburg @Landrum @EP Todd @High Point Pacolet Bye Campobello
Dec. 19 @Campobello High Point Blacksburg @Pacolet Jonesville @EP Todd Bye
Jan. 9 Pacolet @Blacksburg @High Point Campobello Bye Landrum @Jonesville
Jan. 13 Bye @Pacolet Campobello Jonesville Landrum @Blacksburg @EP Todd
Jan. 16 Jonesville EP Todd Bye @Landrum @Campobello @High Point Blacksburg
Jan. 23 @Landrum Bye Jonesville @EP Todd Blacksburg @Pacolet High Point
Jan. 27 EP Todd @Jonesville @Landrum Bye @High Point Campobello Pacolet
Jan. 30 @Blacksburg Landrum EP Todd High Point @Pacolet Bye @Campobello
Feb. 3 Campobello @High Point @Blacksburg Pacolet @Jonesville EP Todd Bye
Feb. 6 @Pacolet Blacksburg High Point @Campobello Bye @Landrum Jonesville
Quarter Finals - Monday, February 10th (at Higher Seed)
Semi-Finals - Thursday, February 13th (Hosted by Campobello)
Championship - Saturday, February 15th (Hosted by Campobello)

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